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#3 jQuery Auto/Manual Slideshow

Date - 2011-01-31

A basic slideshow which auto-runs and can also be manually stepped forwards or backwards.
If you have been testing the other demos on this page then you will need to mouseover the gallery then mouse off to restart the auto-run feature.

This can accomodate any number of images without any changes to the stylesheet format or script. The code is just a simple unordered list of images which can also be links.

Hovering the slideshow will fade in the left/right arrows for manually stepping through the images. The small squares beneath the image represent the number of images and are inserted by the jQuery routine.

CSS3 enhancements are added, radii corners and drop shadow on the outer container, for those browsers that support these styles.

Tested in IE7, IE8, IE9. Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.


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